About us

Nowadays, six brands of footwear are united under Henri-Pierre Footwear banner, but the one from which originates the company, Grenico, was created in 1906 in Limoilou, Quebec. Specializing in men’s footwear, it didn’t take long before the company became a renowned leader in its field.

In 1985, at Saint-Émile, Quebec, the Henri-Pierre line of product was added to the collections. Then, in 1989, the Bastien brand was introduced, offering women their own collections.

In 2000, they add many new brands of general and specialized footwear and unite all their collections under Henri-Pierre Footwear, which includes henceforth Bastien, Grenico, Henri-Pierre and Aquaskin.

Over the years, the company has received more than 30 awards for its achievements in design, innovation and business management including an Innovation Mercury, a Fideide, a Prism Marketing, a Griffe d’Or and the Canadian Award for Business Excellence.

We are passionate footwear craftsmanship who year after year work hard to make great boots look even better.