Shoe Care Guide


Take charge of your winters even when they throw you a curveball. Meet our Henri-Pierre and Grenico products, high-performance winter boots traditionally built for northern climates.

Combining comfort, style and warmth, our products are made with the best quality of waterproof leather and waterproof suede. We also a collection in the best waterproof vegan leather imported from Italy called Aquaskin. Theses materials are specially treated to provide superior resistance against water, snow and salt, allowing moisture transfer. For an optimal comfort, every product has a memory foam felt innersole to ensure a thermal insulation against the cold and to keep body warmth while it keeps dry feet.

Waterproof Leather, Vegan Leather and Suede

Henri-Pierre and Grenico boots are made from the best water and snow resistant materials. By adding style and comfort to the Waterproofing quality of our boots, your feet will stay warm all through the cold season.

Quality Raw Materials

Henri-Pierre and Grenico products are made with the most quality leathers, suedes and Aquaskin carefully selected to last and to enhance the exclusive style of the boot. Aquaskin products are made of waterproof and breathable synthetic leather. This material wicks the moisture away to protect your feet from the cold and keep you warm.

Salt and Calcium Resistant

Our waterproofing treatment provides Henri-Pierre and Grenico boots a better resistance to stains from salt and calcium, making them easier to maintain.

Easy Care

Use a warm, damp cloth to remove dirt and corrosive salts. Periodic applications of a shoe protector will keep your boots looking their best.

Natural Wool Lining

We use natural wool from sheep for our lining because it offers excellent protection against the cold. It will keep your feet warm and dry all through the winter season.

Thermal Breathable Protection

Our products are made with a cushion felt innersole which is a cold insulation to keep the body warmth and which let evacuate the perspiration.

Insulated Synthetic Material Lining

Our synthetic material linings comes in a variety of densities, colours and textures. They are backed with a 3 mm insulating foam for added protection against the cold. They are made to evacuate moisture and keep your feet warm and dry all through the winter months.